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When building a new smart home or business, automated heating and air conditioning can often be an overlooked addition that adds value and enjoyment. Smart HVAC system is an energy-efficient way to keep a home warm in winter, and cool in summer.

The main goal of any true “Smart Home,” is to be energy efficient, elegant, and easy to interact with. One of the best ways to ensure energy efficiency is with controlled HVAC.  Radiant floor heating and centrally cooled air are on the rise, and offer a fantastic way to keep your home at a consistent temperature without a bunch of ugly, outdated thermostats taking up your valuable wall space.

Central Coast Audio Visual in conjunction with your HVAC contractor specialize in the installation and programming your smart temperature control. Utilizing a combination of hidden wall and floor sensors, allows us to keep the thermostats out of site, while giving you ultimate control over the temperature of your home. You can also monitor and manage your heating and air conditioning remotely to ensure you haven’t left your AC cranking while travelling.

Central Coast Audio Visual provides Smart HVAC Control installations on California's Central Coast. We are based in Carpinteria, CA and our primarily territory is the Santa Barbara, Montecito area.  However, we do projects from Camarillo to Ventura to San Luis Obispo.

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