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Gate & Door Entry Systems

Modern Entry Systems allow you to see who is there and let them in, directly from your touch screen or smartphone. Installing an entry system provides a safe and convenient way of authorizing access to your property or site.

Entry systems have become a crucial part of any new or existing home.  Whether it’s opening the gate for friends or the front door for an inside delivery, we have the right solution for you.  You no longer need a phone system to ring when someone is at your gate.  We can have the gate ring directly to your cell phone whether you are home or away.  You can easily interact with your guest and let them into your property.    We can also add simple buttons to the interface like “Hold Open” and “Driveway Lights”.  

We have great retrofit solutions to replace your existing doorbell or gate box as well with typically a single day turnaround installation.

Central Coast Audio Visual provides Entry System installations on California's Central Coast. We are based in Carpinteria, CA and our primarily territory is the Santa Barbara, Montecito area.  However, we do projects from Camarillo to Ventura to San Luis Obispo.

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