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CinemaTech Home Theater Seating

Turn your entertainment-room dream into a reality with CinemaTech. The finest choice in luxury home theater seating, CinemaTech legendary seating includes incliners, sofas, lounges and chaises for the discerning homeowner.

Seating is an often overlooked element of home theater design. Homeowners often spend hours researching the best solutions for their space, but audio video components aren’t the only factor in creating the ultimate media room experience. Like any other room in your home, a home theater only adds value if you want to spend time there. The right seating for your home theater will ensure not only that you have the best vantage point for viewing, but it will also create a space that you can’t wait to unwind in. For customers who expect their home theater to entertain for years to come, high quality, luxury seating from CinemaTech is well worth the money spent.

In addition to home theater seating, CCAV also specializes in design & installation of custom home theater systems & media rooms.

CinemaTech offers many different types of sofas, sectionals, frames, etc. depending on your needs.

M3 is the most affordable PERFORMANCE seat in the industry. CinemaTech created the M3 to allow all movie theater enthusiast to experience CinemaTech quality. Manufactured at quantities that allow for the economy of scale the M3, offered only in top grain black & brown leather, provide an incredible comfort at an affordable price. The M3 features legendary CinemaTech articulating headrest, motorized incline and USB charging port.

Valentino is perhaps the most imitated home theater design in history. The elegance of the Valentino is in its sleek slender form. Incredibly responsive, the Valentino saddle back cushion and articulating headrest allows each user to customize exactly how they would like to sit. Often imitated but never match the Valentino is widely thought to have started the home theater seating industry.

LeGrande was inspired by the famed Nuremberg ring in Germany. With its inviting sculptured back, the LeGrande literally cradles you as you move effortlessly into the perfect viewing position. The LeGrande will transport you into your favorite movie or sound track.

Cevilla is perhaps the most anticipated seat from CinemaTech. The Sevilla’s slender, graceful form gives the user an ultra-comfortable and functional viewing experience. Available with or without center console storage, the Sevilla features a waterfall foot-rest, motorized headrest and extended leg support.

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