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Distributed Media Systems

The cornerstone of our high end, multi-room residential design is the distributed media system.  This system allows for a clean finished look in every room with nothing more, than the TV or projection screen and in-ceiling or in-wall speakers to be visible.  Gone are the days of having all your cable boxes, DVD players and music equipment living on a table under the TV.  All equipment in a distributed media system is housed in a custom engineered AV rack which then dispersed out to all areas of the property as needed.  The benefit of this setup is that your audio and video sources can then be shared in each room, meaning you don’t have to have a cable box for every TV in the house or a CD player for every room with speakers. Our custom designed AV Racks hold all AV and network gear for the entire house, making troubleshooting, and routine maintenance easy and cost effective. Whether you have a 3 room house or a 20 room estate, our distributed media systems are tailored to meet all of your smart home needs.